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Throughout the millennium innumerable innocent people have been tormented, abused, tortured, murdered, fired in wars ... in the name of all religions.
A look into history shows that just we "Christians", in this case have by far exceeded all other religions - completely contrary to what Jesus taught!
Each one of these sacrifices is a sad reason why Lion of Judah does not concern with "any sort of religious crap," but about the most important question of humanity:

Why do we exist at all - and what comes after that?

There are definitely two possible answers:

1. Either - there is no reason at all and therefore of course nothing after our live here for us,

    our consciousness, our own I (who we are / personality / character), has exactly as much importance as the heap an elephant just drops into the savannah - because everything has been created by chance and then by evolution,

    (Even though, there are contradicts with several of our own natural laws. For example, the second principal of thermodynamics states that disorder in a closed system is constantly increasing - How should a multitude of groups of galaxies consisting of billions of suns with stable planetary systems, let alone complex organic forms of life, arise from a chaotically wobbly plasma?
    Even purely investigating sciences such as archeology show that apparently not even as trivial as plastic bags in the past 4.5 billion years of the earth's history have come out of coincidence.)

2. Or - ANYthing / SOMEONE has thougt of something by doing it,
    as IT, according to the current state of scientific knowledge, about 15 billion years ago our universe,
      the three dimensions of the space (height, width, and depth that we occupy ourselves and in which we can move),
      the dimension of time (through which we can gain consciousness, but which at the same time represents a one-way street with beginning and end for us)
      and the energy / matter (from which we exist physically and which we also constantly need to live)
      created in a so-called Big Bang out of the nothing.

    If, then, we are not mere coincidence but belong to a great plan, then there must necessarily be a creator of plan and work - only what does this Creator really want from us humans?

    The simple answer of the God, which is presented to us in the Bible, to this question is:

    HIM, the Creator, to love with all your heart - and all other people in the world - just as much as you love yourself.

    Point - no more - but not less! - Sure, there is still a lot to learn for us, but according to Him, in this single sentence everything decisive is already included!

    It seems that this God knows us personally and knows how important this question is to each and every one of us humans. We find his answer in many places in the Bible, "His Word," from their first book to the end. Over a period of more than a thousand years, through various, inspired by his spirit, written, answered for all peoples and all generations.

    For me personally most impressively - His answer in the parable of the merciful Samaritan, when Jesus was asked for the presupposition under which a man could reach eternal life - (ie an existence of the ME in a dimension "above" the transient planes of space and time).

    As simple as the answer of this God to the most important question of mankind also sounds - for us it is really hard enough to love our counterpart just as much as itself (actually we can at first only decide and correspondingly behave) - but how should we ever be able to love something/someone that we do not know? - That just can not work!

    Love presupposes a certain relationship, that is, on both sides the willingness and the time which requires every relationship - also with God, to build and cultivate. As far as this God is concerned - HE promises EVERYONE who is seeking HIM, that He let himself would be found, which means: This omnipotent builder of the whole universe is already waiting with open arms for every one of us!

    But as far as mankind is concerned - the conscious decision to establish a personal relationship with his/her creator - to search for this God, and to enter into his family - or even not, every human being meets all alone, and can do so only for himself.

    I am particularly impressed by this God of the Bible that he does not ask for blind/unreflected fellowship, but challenges us to examine Him - and everything else (that means also these pages) - and only to keep the good! He wants to reveal himself to us personally and this is not to be found in any other religion in the world!

    If you are ready to go on this path of the Creator, let all of us from "Lion of Judah", help you to get Him at all - and then get to know each other better. Simply because we have decided to meet our call and are aware that no one can walk this life with God by him/herself alone. - To practice love, we all need each other! < /br>
    It is a humble way that requires ongoing searching, learning, and forgiveness, but above all to recognize that none of us is perfect or will ever be perfect in this life (thoughout our own doing).
    With all the effort/sacrifice that this "narrow path" prepares - we are convinced that the wage of the Creator, will be to spend the eternity (life) with Him, and together with our siblings from all the ages - for all people who are in the here and now - The price cost, by far!

    Shalom! (The desire for peace, health, well-being and all the good for you)

    Bernd Hagel "Schaefla" for Lion of Judah Ministries

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Jesus - the Lion of the tribe Judah

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